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LlamaEdge vs Python

Most AI models are trained and even finetuned in Python / PyTorch, but you should not deploy and run them in Python. In fact, running production level AI inference in Python is extremely inefficient -- a natively compiled language can be 35,000x faster than Python. Developers choose LlamaEdge over Python because:

  • LlamaEdge is only 1/100 the size of a Python runtime. Do you know that the smallest PyTorch Docker image is almost 4GB?
  • LlamaEdge is a single install package with no complex dependencies. It is very easy to install and get started. It does not take the best minds of our generation to install it.
  • Developers can create LlamaEdge apps in Rust, which is much faster than Python in pre and post processing data that goes into the model. A good example is the LlamaEdge chatbot and API server -- it is orders of magnitudes faster than Python-based web app servers.

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